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Our company is committed to provide the leading assets to improve and secure our clients' position in the Draft.

We achieve this by guiding them through a comprehensive pre-draft program, which includes both on and off-court preparation. These personalized programs include intensive train- ing for pre-draft camps and individual team workouts.

Throughout the pre-draft phase, our company’s efforts, coupled with a proven pre-draft train- ing program, provides our clients with a tremendous edge to maximize their draft status.

Our pre-draft prgram as produced some great results for our clients in the past drafts. Clients have the opportunity to work individually with our basketball skills coach and our strength and speed coach in personalized sessions leading up to the Draft.

We will take care of all the necessary arrangements for all the duration of the pre-draft training program. Accommodation, practices, meals and needed therapies will be arranged by us so the athletes can concentrate at their practices to achieve the maximum results.