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 1 Our deep knowledge of both basketball worlds (U.S.A & Europe)

Undeniably having lived and been involved in basketball for more than a decade in the States and in combination with our given European basketball background, we are confident in our ability to evaluate, distinguish and select the most suitable Americans who by all means match the European basketball standards.

 2 Be associated with the best

Our objective has always been to represent and be associated with the best players of every level. Hence we are highly selective as regards the players. As a result we only choose among the best players out of a large talent pool and represent them in association with some of the best U.S and European agents or directly.

 3 Honestly is the best policy

Last but not least, we are a well-known trustworthy company, which prides itself on its honesty and principles. In essence we do our utmost to satisfy our clientele to a great extent. In fact Sports ProMotion has established a considerable reputation and has earned the respect of all the clubs management in the market. As a consequence we have also one of the highest player/client retention rates in the business.

 As the new summer signing season begins we would be delighted to hear from you and we would be privileged if we could be of any assistance to you and your club promptly or in the near future. All in all we feel certain that we can offer the required level of Professionalism and dedication.