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Sports ProMotion is a well-run recruiting company with a firm allegiance to basketball.

Our representation firm, which is based in Athens - Greece, is instrumental in recruiting American and European basketball players thereby promoting them to the major European leagues.

It is noteworthy to mention that our company has been offering top rating athletes to respectable teams since the company was founded namely two decades ago.

The success of our company can only be attributed to the founder Nick Lotsos. While still living in the States he made his first steps in the basketball industry as an agent in an effort to establish an honorable career in a sport he has always loved. Most importantly his motivation, determination and innovative work has led to the expansion of the company. Therefore we sincerely hope that in the light of the following information below you will be informed thoroughly in the main aspect of our philosophy.


Nick LotsosNicolas Lotsos
Tolis Vlahos
Owner and PresidentVice PresidentDirector of Operation